Stolen Innocence




Alicia Johnson, a strong, independent, well renowned Corporate Attorney for one of the largest law firms in Atlanta is a woman haunted by her past. The facade that she is forced to portray is unbeknownst to those closest to her in order to cover up a dark secret that she’s had to deal with since childhood. Love and Men don’t coincide in her world, being that relationships in her eyes only end in heartache and pain. Thinking that by changing her name and location that it would give her a fresh start, Alicia is able to enjoy life the only way she sees fit — her way. That is until her past comes back to threaten her future. Her world is once again shaken when she finds out that the one person she has been trying to forget has made his presence known, with a vow to pay for sending him to prison. Caught in a web of love, hurt, and betrayal. Will Alicia find what she’s looking for or will the events that rocked her childhood have the final say so in ruining her life?

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3 reviews for Stolen Innocence

  1. LoveJones

    Stolen Innocence written by Tyrell Plair is 263 pages long, containing 39 chapters, a little information about the author, a message from the author, and resources. This book is so interesting and fascinating to read that I was impatient with turning to the next page. It talks about real life experiences that may have affected you in some way or another but yet expresses how to overcome and live a successful life. Reading this book was very captivating that I was intrigued by every word the author wrote. What a phenomenal book! Thanks Mr. Tyrell Plair for writing this book. Angela Harrison.

  2. Deborah

    I cried through this whole entire story. Well written with a flow that touched the inner part of me I well hid. This book was loaned to me first and then given as a gift. Tyrell could not have brought more awareness to this tragic, all too common issue. Thank you! You’ve given me a hope that continuing therapy and taken back my power and love they so undeserve! Please keep your talent and ability to reach the most hidden demons we victors dealt with close and if use. We need you!

  3. K. Washington

    This subject is often taboo in our community. I enjoyed how he tied together her walk/growth in Christ with counseling. Sometimes everyone needs to speak to a professional. This was my first time reading this author, but it will not be my last

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