Growing up in the 70’s was not easy for a black male living in upstate New York and having a girlfriend which was white came with even more challenges. But, when the couple moved from their hometown to a quiet suburban area in Philadelphia, things began to become turbulent, and their bond is shaken up when he is suddenly accused of murder

His girlfriend of four year’s judgment become cloudy because she has secrets that she’s battling of her own. She leaves him in an unsettling situation and returns to New York while he is left to cope by himself in an unjust system.

He does his time, but; he knows he is innocent; however, proving it is a task. His younger brother, who is obsessed with finding out the truth, makes it his purpose to absolve him from the unjust system that he has been confined to for the last 20years. 

This young man has lived through 20years of hurt and disappointment but finally thinks that his life has changed, and that happiness is at his grasp or will secrets that he uncovers from his past set him in another unjust and unsettling situation?

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