Meet our VP

Alonzo Strange

New York-born Alonzo Strange is an author that needs little introduction thanks to the great success of his hot-selling four-part series, Tit 4 Tat. Known for his work in urban fiction, Strange’s works also include Beyond Repair, which he co-authored with fellow urban fiction author Terrance Frazier.

Alonzo’s credentials include an Associate of Sociology and Bachelor of Political Science, both from Potsdam University. His love for writing motivated him to spend over ten years teaching creative writing to other aspiring authors. He currently serves as the Vice President of PlaTy Multimedia & Publishing, where he partners with CEO Tyrell Plair to facilitate live coaching and writing classes along with downloadable courses that allow clients to learn at their own pace.

Mr. Strange is a creative mind that enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling to exciting destinations, and taking road trips on his motorcycle in his leisure time.