About Us

Our Story

PlaTy Multimedia and Publishing was the creative idea of the company’s CEO, Mr. Tyrell Plair. He first founded the entity in 2018. Shortly after, he carefully chose a team of elite professionals from across the country to assist with developing his vision. He then shared with his team that his goal was to create a company that

  • Made it affordable for anyone to publish
  • Made it easy for aspiring writers to choose the options that best suit their needs
  • Provided coaching for clients that need a helping hand along the way, to make their writing and publishing processes run as smoothly as possible
  • Provides an A+ standard of professionalism for all its clients; not just those that are willing to spend big because every client matters.

From there PlaTy Multimedia and Publishing was born.

PlaTy Multimedia and Publishing strives to engage the community and the youth through book signing events. The company strives to promote literacy and encourage all ages with books that can and will encourage reading as both a learning and a recreational experience.